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Stories to maximize your water fun!

Stories to maximize your water fun!

Swimming & Squirting

Once upon a time, there was a curious creature named Doodle, who was a Zoo-Noodle. Doodle loved to explore the watery world with his new, best friend, Danny. One morning, Doodle made a discovery. ‘If my friend Danny, scrunches my snout, bubbles blow underwater all about. How fun!’ Doodle had a blast! But soon, Doodle found with each puffy, tickly bubble blown out, water slurped in! ‘What to do? What to do?’ Doodle’s eyes widened when Danny gave a big squeeze! Low and behold, water squirted high over Doodle’s head. “Ha- got you!”, Danny exclaimed as water squirted nearby friends, Moodle and Baboodle, right in their tummies. All the Zoo-Noodles and friends squealed with delight as they played, giggled, and squirted happily ever after.






The Zoo-Noodle Dance

The Zoo-Noodle dance began with two creative creatures who loved the water. Their names were Baboodle and Benito. Some days Baboodle and Benito’s dances swirled and swayed and other days they rambled and rolled. Oh, how they loved the feeling of water sliding by, this way and that. One day, as Baboodle and Benito danced, a crowd formed. After several minutes, they noticed everyone’s eyes were staring at them. Baboodle and Benito stopped and the crowd began to clap and cheer loudly. A bright pink blush crossed their faces, but soon it was replaced by a sparkling smile shining as bright as the sun.

Everyone wanted Baboodle and Benito to teach them to dance in the water. The team became the best dance teachers ever. Soon shouts of “Look at me mommy!” and “I can twirl daddy!” were heard all around, with lots of squealing and giggling. We can’t leave out that part— giggling and dancing go together like Zoo-Noodles and fun!

TAG, You're It!

One day, Baboodle and Moodle were sliding through the water, slurping and squirting with their friends, Bethany and Marcus, when Baboodle and Bethany smiled mischievously. After a big slurp, Baboodle squirted Moodle in the tummy and quickly swam away. Bethany squealed, “Ha ha, you’re it!” Moodle and Marcus instantly laughed and chased after Baboodle’s team, slurping and squirting all the way. “Now you’re it!” mooed Moodle’s team, and the first Zoo-Noodle tag game was created. Moodle and Marcus swam from side to side avoiding Baboodle’s squirts for a little while, but then there was a sneaky squirt, and “You’re It!” squealed from around the corner. Now Moodle’s team was it. Baboodle and Bethany tried to hide behind a slide, but Moodle and Marcus were too smart to fall for that one. The friends played Zoo-Noodle tag non-stop, laughing and giggling until supper time. If you’re ever around Zoo-Noodles and friends, I’m sure you’ll hear, "Tag You’re it!”

Together... We Can!

One day, The Divine Mz. Kittoodle and Anna Grace, were invited to visit the new girl in town, Ella.  To welcome Ella to the neighborhood, Anna Grace presented Ella with a Mz. Kittoodle of her own.  Ella squealed, “She’s amazing!”  Anna enlightened Ella on all Mz. Kittoodle’s special characteristics like “See her tiara! She’s got Katatude!”  Ella adored Mz. Kittoodle’s  polka dotted, lime green tutu and thought she was the best play-pal ever.  Anna exclaimed, “Oh my, she’s so much more! She’s a Zoo-Noodle! Can your mom watch us in your pool?”  Ella’s mom took them to the pool deck. “Let me show you. This is one kitty who loves the water!” and Anna jumped in the pool with Mz. Kittoodle.  Ella stepped back a bit.  You see, Ella was afraid of the water and had not yet been in her own pool.  But Anna’s laughs and giggles were contagious.  Ella hugged Mz. Kittoodle and cautiously put one toe in the water.  Soon both feet were in.  Before long she was twirling and swirling all about.  Ella’s mom applauded loudly! Ella and Anna Grace, along with their twin Mz. Kittoodles, laughed and played for hours.  Ella said, “If Mz. Kittoodle, a kitty, can get over her fear of the water, so can I!  This was the first of many “fun in the sun” days, for the new best friends. Remember-everybody needs a little Katatude.

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